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Instructional Support Services, Inc.
1709 Father Sky Ct NE
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Please note:

As of September 2015, we have retired our 800 number as well as our fax machine. Please use the available channels to contact me, including using the “personal message” feature on Facebook for a private chat.

If I’m not in…

As many site visitors already know, I am out of the office quite a bit, traveling or doing presentations out of town. I do check in with my office several times a day and will return your call as soon as possible.

If you get my voice mail, please leave a message, and include an evening number and/or cell phone number just in case I can’t return your call until later in the day (especially if I’m on the west coast or overseas). We are a small company—on purpose, to keep the service personal and efficient—and we’re very good at returning calls and emails. If you don’t hear back within 48 hours, feel free to bug us, or at least to check to be sure that your message didn’t get lost in cyberspace or anywhere else.

Human Voice or Voice Messaging…

Even if I’m out of town, there is usually someone in the office. We may be out running errands, however, and do occasionally close the office for vacations, in which case you will hear a recorded message with my voice asking you to please leave a message.

The voice mail program we have now allows for a fairly long and detailed message—or just leave your name and number. I’ll call you back as soon as possible. I promise.

Again, if you can possibly leave an evening number or cell phone number as well as your work number, I’ll have a little more flexibility in getting back to you.

If you’re calling to order books or other materials…

Ordering online is the simplest way to purchase our products, but if you wish to call your order in, you’ve got a couple of choices during those rare times when no one is here to answer.

First, you can simply leave your name and number and we’ll call you back for details.

You can also scan your order and send it via email, or mail your order or Purchase Order to us at the address above.

Or you can leave a detailed message with the following information:

• your name and phone number (in case we have any questions or need to follow up)
• your organization and shipping address
• billing address, if different from shipping address
• your purchase order number OR credit card number (with expiration date)
• the quantities and titles of the items you want
• how you found out about the items you are ordering (optional)
• any specific instructions or questions you may have

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We look forward to hearing from you.