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This is where you’ll find the good stuff that isn’t specifically oriented to educators or parents. Although some of the resources may include material originally written for these audiences, the content of the links below have a wider relevance and appeal.

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 Articles, handouts, and blogs

8 Ways to Live in Gratitude
15 Ways to Live Optimistically
36 Things You can Do to Feel Great
An Alternative to Advice Giving: Asking questions to guide problem solving
Another Perfectionism Statistic
Back to the Future? Not so Much, Thank You
Certificate Download to acknowledge your Angels in Disguise
Certificate Download to offer The Gift of Service
The Challenge of Setting Boundaries
Creating Kindness
Dealing with Difficult Colleagues
The Dignity Stance
Drunken Danse Macabre: The Demise of Two Departed Alcoholics
Healthy vs. Unhealthy Friendships
How to Rewire Your Burned-Out Brain
How to Stay Stressed
I-Messages: The Handout
Magic Sentences for Effective Communication
Myers-Briggs Personality Types
Myers-Briggs Scales and Categories
The Myth of the Self-Esteem “Myth”
Non-Supportive Responses to Avoid: Yes, these really do make things worse!
Perfectionism vs. The Healthy Pursuit of Excellence

Picking up the Pieces: Reclaiming our Essence
The Power of Discouragement
The School as a Dysfunctional Family (Systems dysfunction)
Silver Linings: The up side of down times
So You Want to Write a Book? Tips for Would-Be Writers (and Speakers)
Stress and the Brain: The impact of stress on learning and behavior
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: The importance of meaningful feedback
Water and the Body: The benefits of water for learning, behavior, and health
Ways to be an Effective Mentor
What’s a Purchase Order: Confessions of an Accidental CEO
What’s Wrong with I-Messages?
Why Teachers Quit: 6-part excerpt about the realities of teaching starts here
Wonder all Around
(from Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity)
Your Personal Learning Preferences


Book: The Perception Deception
Book: The Book of Article Reprints
Book: Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity
Book: Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor: Stories of Teachers Making a Difference

Articles: Individual article reprints for educators, counselors, parents, and general interest.

Free download: “Pads” on the Back Templates in multiple languages


The Adversity Connection with Dan Deigan
An Attitude of Gratitude with Judy Lawrence, M.S.Ed.
Perfectionism: What’s Bad About Being Too Good with Dr. Miriam Adderholdt


Are Your Colleagues Driving you Crazy? Building Bridges with Difficult People in Your Life
Boundaries 101: From Basic to Black-Belt Self-Care Techniques
Clearing the Hurdles in Challenging Relationships: Eliminating Stress-Producing Obstacles in Relationships
Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity: An Abundance of Gratitude
Secrets of Successful Mentorship: Practical Ideas for Great Leaders
So You Want to Write a Book? Sharing your Passion, Ideas, and Voice with the World
The Soft-Drink Dilemma: Finding Win-Win Solutions in a Win-Lose World
What’s a Purchase Order? Confessions of an Accidental CEO

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