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What Dr. Jane Bluestein can do for you


The core of Dr. Bluestein’s work has been her training programs. Whether presenting a conference keynote, full-day seminar, mid-year shot-in-the-arm workshop, or multi-day class, Dr. Bluestein has a way of connecting with her audiences through her authenticity, humor, and story-telling, offering powerful, practical, and effective take-away strategies they can use at work and at home. All programs are customizable to meet specific school or district goals and needs. Click here to contact this office for more information.

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Mentoring and Coaching

Dr. Bluestein has also worked with a number of school districts to observe, listen, and help identify possible solutions to specific problems and challenges, either school-wide or with individual teachers.

Hourly phone consultation for brainstorming and problem solving is also available for individual educators and parents. Click here to contact this office for more information.