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Top 5 Tips for Connecting with Parents

Parents and teachers working together, home-school relationshipsBuilding great home-school relationships right from the start!

…Teachers don’t get to handpick our “clientele.” The mix of students will include kids with a variety of skills, personalities, and challenges. The one commonality is that they all come to school from homes and families, and the support from that side of their lives can vastly improve their progress and achievement and reduce problems you might encounter.

In addition to the material addressing this issue that I currently have on this site, I thought I’d add a quick, back-to-school, Top-Five list of ideas for building positive, mutually-supportive relationships with parents or other primary caregivers.(Read more… )

Featured: Managing 21st Century Classrooms

Managing 21st Century Classrooms by Dr. Jane BluesteinA new venture with an old friend! One of my editors from Corwin (The Win-Win Classroom and Becoming a Win-Win Teacher) is now working with ASCD and ivited me to participate in their new Arias project— a series of small books that target a specific issue in teaching. She challenged me to create a comprehensive view of classroom management in a format that an educator could read in one sitting. Wow, right?

The result is a 50-page booklet that examines seven of the most common misconceptions about behavior management and discipline, along with the ways they can actually make things worse! Of course, I also offer some more positive and effective alternatives for each. Click here for more information about this book.

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I’ve had a continually growing Web site since 1997. This is the 4th version of the site, launched at the beginning of December 2012 with a new look and a lot of new features. I have since added a good bit of content as well— material that was on the old site as well as some brand new stuff. Although the appearance and structure of the site has changed over the years, my intentions have not. The point of my work has always been to inspire positive and practical ways to connect with one another in caring, emotionally safe environments. With an emphasis on adult-child relationships, nearly all of the material on culture and community, learning, teaching and parenting, motivation and behavior, and self-care can be applied to adult relationships as well. (Read more…)

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Click here for information “The ‘Core’ of the Matter: Creating a Community for Making Common Core State Standards Work,” this month’s featured presentation.

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Or just click on one of the links in the navigation bar and find an article, handout, blog, podcast, presentation, or product you can use. There is plenty more to come in the coming weeks, as I look forward to continuing to convert pages from the old site and add new content here as well.

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